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The Building Blocks of Trust
Anyone who wants to establish trustful relationships needs to care for theses building blocks.

7 Misconceptions about trust in business
More than ever, trust is an essential component of any business. When trust is established, people decide faster, relationships are more robust, and customers are usually inclined to pay more. Probably every company strives to establish trust. But which is the best way? Before answering that, let us first take a look at common misconceptions.

The Machine Tool Case: Higher Efficiency Through Lean Digital Transformation
If you think that digitalization is always expensive and exhausting, you are wrong. How to go digital is a question of strategy. From a customer-oriented and lean management perspective the approach that generates the most value will win. Companies on their path to a lean digital transformarion should have eight principles in mind.

Management Meetings — From Waste of Time to Productivity Drivers
13 tips plus 6 magic ingredients for more efficient and effective meetings. If your meetings are a torture, read here how you can turn them into productivity drivers.

Investors and supervisory boards expect consistent answers from CEOs and board members on how they will shape the future viability of the company in digital times. That can be demanding and CEOs should prepare thoroughly.

10. Changes of perspective seldom happen in the comfort zone
Dr. Sabrina Zeplin, Direktorin Otto Group Business Intelligence in conversation with Uwe Weinreich

9. Seven Management Initiatives to Benefit from Artificial Intelligence
The future will be shaped by artificial intelligence and it has only just begun. Using AI is not magic and doesn't cost a fortune anymore. It is time to start experiments, learn quickly and grow with the trend. 7 initiatives to start now.

8. Bad jokes, false role models and psychopaths
Artificial intelligence interacting with humans

7. Image Recognition and Surveillance
How AI analyses images and recognizes persons

6. Text analysis demystified
How AI understands texts - or not plus demo the world's first chat bot from 1966

5. The Difficult Path Towards a Webservice
How webservices can fail, even in a native

4. Experimenting to the Bitter End
How misleading statistics can be.

3. Learning in the deep blue sea - Azure
Human Learning, Machine Learning, and Intelligence

2. Maths, Techology and Vicarious Embarrassement
First steps inside the machinery room of Artificial Intelligence.

1. AI and Me - Diary of an experiment
A management consultant confronting the challenges of Artificial Intelligence. A blog by Uwe Weinreich.

Maintain Day 1 Mindset - Jeff Bezos Letter to Shareholders 2017
What managers can learn from Jeff Bezos letter to shareholders

Redesign the Opera Experience in Iceland!
A brief innovation project report about a design thinking workshop

Space D: Preserving core business and inspiring with innovation
How established companies can digitally innovate without risking their core business

Space C: The leap into unknown customer groups
How lean digitization can attract completely new customer groups

Space C: The leap into unknown customer groups
How lean digitization can attract completely new customer groups

Space B: New Offerings and Customer Groups
How digitization helps to create new offers and attract new customer groups

Lean Digitization - Higher Efficiency by Lean Digitization
How digitization can lead to higher efficiency and product maturity.

Lean Digitital Transformation - A Lean and Safe Way to Business Transformation
The combination of methods of both worlds, classic lean management and agile Lean Startup, can help to make digitization a safe, resource-saving and successful process. Lean Digital Transformation will be more manageable and provide enough freedom for exploration.

Avoiding waste within digitization projects
How lean digital transformation helps avoiding waste within digitization projects

5 Strategic Options for Successful Lean Digital Transformation of Business
There are more ways to lead a company into the digital age than most people think. Five basic strategies lay the grounds for digitalization: optimization, organic growth,fundamentally new offerings, fundamentally new customer segments, fundamentally new business.

4 Essential Mind Shifts to Run Lean and Avoid Waste in Digitalization Projects
How lean digitital transformation helps avoiding waste within digitization projects