Innovation - This Century’s Hot Topic


Innovation and innovation management have never been more crucial for economic success. While manufacturers in emerging markets can benefit from low production costs, European companies convince by delivering excellence in production. They still claim leadership in areas such as technology, product and service development. The challenge is to keep and expand these advantages.

Not only economic changes foster the need for innovation. Social challenges require new and innovative solutions as well.

Fortunately technical solutions pave the way for new solutions as does innovation management itself, including ideation, networking, open innovation and related processes.

CoObeya - Co-Operation, Co-Laboration, Co-Creation in a 'Large Room'

Obeya is a Japanese word. It describes a "large room" where developers, suppliers and external experts work together to create future solutions. Value creation derives consequently from interactions within this network. That makes it more reliable. In this way solutions are created that a single company could never realize on its own.


Creating a "Large Room" for Your Projects

In early 2014 a group of freelance experts for innovation management, co-creation, design thinking, open innovation, crowd sourcing and ideas management met in Berlin. In the course of a two-day workshop CoObeya was born. Together with numerous experts from a broader network the CoObeya core team supports companies in the installation, organization and further development of lively customer and market oriented innovation management that motivates employees and extends knowledge to optimize achievements and to provide a basis of transferring competencies into value for customers and the company itself.

We create innovation-friendly organizational structures, support processes and thus open the "large room" for innovation.