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We are a European network of experts for innovation, agile working and digital transformation. Together with you, your managers and teams, we shape the future of your company:

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CoObeya Crisis Emergency Aid

We have decided to offer support at special conditions to companies suffering from the crisis:

Workshops and SeminarsCurrent workshops and seminars

We offer a wide range of proven workshops and seminars that give companies a quick and safe start in agile working principles, innovation methods (Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Generation, etc.) and current digital strategies and technologies (platform economy, block chain, artificial intelligence, etc.).

Online Meeting

Professional facilitation of online meetings, conferences and workshops

Online and remote collaboration has been one of our core competencies for years. We are happy to provide support through professional facilitation of online meetings, realisation of interactive online conferences and workshops (from strategy development to crisis intervention), as well as the production of videos and e-learning modules.

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How we work: agile workshops

Video from a training course for innovation managers

Video: innovation manager training

What we stand for: agile transformation

Video on changes in the corporate environment and appropriate means

video: agile management

Our promise: "Making it real"

CoObeya teams pave the way to long-term success by not so much consulting as implementing solutions together with your managers and teams. This kind of facilitation combines elements of consulting, coaching as well as active support and organisation of projects together with those who have to continue it later.

Know-how transfer from us to your associates is a core element right from the start.

Our fundamentals

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CoObeya – a team of experienced practice experts

Due to the unique structure and working method of CoObeya, we are able to generate optimal solutions for a wide range of problems that are brought to us. How does that work?

We ourselves work in an agile and customer-oriented manner

Agile ManagementThe entire organization of CoObeya as a network of experts is designed so that we work in lean, efficient teams. Unnecessary overhead is consistently avoided.

In projects we work closely with our clients. As a standard, internal and CoObeya experts form a joint project team. This ensures from the very beginning that results are produced that fit the company. At the same time, there is a continuous transfer of our methodological know-how to employees in the company. This keeps handover processes lean and ensures sustainable success.

CoObeya team members are experienced experts in their field

ExpertsCoObeya  is a network of meanwhile more than 140 experts who provide their services on a freelance basis and have many years of practical experience in their field. Some members have become self-employed after a long career in companies, others come from the scientific sector and contribute their research experience.

Quite a few of them even work for CoObeya on a part-time basis. They bring new perspectives from other industries and fields of application into projects. Persons, who perform their services on a part-time basis, are only employed by arrangement and it is carefully checked whether there is a competitive conflict.

The network structure makes it possible to put together a team of the best people available for each task

The Team


For each client, a team of experts is put together who are best able to solve the task.

And what if there is no person with the appropriate expertise in the network? Then we will find someone. So far we have succeeded every time.

Unlike traditional management consultancies, we do not employ inexperienced university graduates, nor are we under pressure to assign people to a project just because they are on the payroll.



In addition to experience in large companies such as DHL, Bayer, BASF, Cisco, Infineon, Mars, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Edeka, pharmaceutical companies, various energy suppliers and others, we also work for numerous medium-sized companies.

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