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Our Strengths

Ein kleiner Teil des Teams

Our Mission

We create solutions for real world problems of people, society and the economy by

We act as consultants, guides and facilitators.

We inspire new momentum and transform knowledge and abilities into valuable and lively assets both inside and your company.


project team
CoObeya forms creative innovation teams

The 'Best Available Team Proposition'

Due to our network structure, we can provide a highly qualified team that is
perfect for your challenge and will support your transformation process
effectively. We do not need to involve people simply because they are on the
payroll. That gives CoObeya the opportunity to build the best possible team for
each project. It's no problem if a certain required skill cannot be found within our
network. Until now it has never been a problem to find new network partners
who fit the challenge perfectly.

CoObeya teams act as a task force comparable to a temporary intra-company team.

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