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Workshop: Platform Economy


Internet platforms have experienced a meteoric rise in recent years: Amazon, Facebook, AirBnB, Uber and many more. When is it promising to initiate a platform yourself? When is it appropriate to participate in a platform? And what do you need to know about business models and how platforms work? Participants gain insight into the background of platforms and develop an exemplary platform model.



The workshop will provide participants with the skills and management tools they need to shape the transition to a platform-based or platform-supported enterprise. In addition, the team will outline ways in which the implementation can look like in practice.



After the workshop, participants will have a common understanding of the opportunities and risks of active and passive platform strategies and will be able to prepare the decision on a platform strategy and outline a corresponding business model with the knowledge they have acquired.


Target groups

Management executives, business developers and persons responsible for new business areas and marketing within a company


Methods and duration

The workshop is designed to be interactive from the beginning. A business model and a functional prototype will be developed on the basis of an example. In this way, the participants gain a deep understanding of platforms, their development and use. Methods, techniques and background information are conveyed in short impulse lectures and by case studies.

Duration: 2 days


Prerequisites for participation

None. Technical and methodical backgrounds are conveyed in such a clear and comprehensible way that they can be used immediately in the workshop.



The workshop will be staffed in consultation with the client with the facilitator(s) and coaches most suitable for the company's individual focus.


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