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Workshop: Fit for an Unpredictable Future

Implementing an innovation and growth engine

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The workshop is designed for innovators, managers and business development teams whose task it is to permanently increase the innovation and adaptability of the company to such an extent that it can react with confidence to unforeseeable market changes. Together, participants develop a concept for how the company can increase its agility and continuously respond to opportunities and challenges.



Participants learn the basic methods of agile management, their possible applications and limitations. Based on this, first solutions will be developed together under the perspective, how agile management can establish an engine to drive innovation and growth in the company. Thus, sustainability of the business shall be increased.

Topics are:


Target groups

Managers in charge of innovation, innovation management and sustainable corporate development


Methods and duration

Applied methods are:

Duration: 2 days


Prerequisites for participation




The workshop will be staffed in consultation with the client with the facilitator(s) and coaches most suitable for the company's individual focus.


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