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Digital Mindset - An In-house Management Workshop

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Digital transformation is not only a question of technology, but also of strategy, culture and organization. In order to achieve high level of digital business, it is important that a common understanding in management is developed of what digitization means, how it changes the company and the responsibility of each individual for its success.



In this two-day workshop, participants will develop together a basic understanding of the necessities, opportunities and challenges of digital transformation. Based on the current positioning of the company we will identify the individual possibilities and opportunities, but also the hurdles to be removed. At the end of the workshop there is a first digital roadmap and the responsibility for individual steps is clearly assigned.



Target group

Senior management: general managers and project managers responsible for the digital change of the company

Methods and duration

Applied methods are:

The methods used originate from Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup / Lean Digital Transformation

Duration: 2 days


Prerequisites for participation




The workshop is usually facilitated by two coaches. In consultation with the customer, the facilitators/coaches who are most suitable for the company-specific focus will be assigned.


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