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Workshop: Design Thinking - How Extraordinary Solutions are Created

Bild © Flavia Bleuel / CoObeya

Hypercompetition means: even the smallest differences compared to the competition decide whether an offer becomes a top seller or a flop.

With Design Thinking, a set of methods is available that makes it possible to generate exactly such differences. This is no longer just about product design, but complete service processes and the entire customer experience can be redesigned.

In this workshop, participants learn the basic methods and experience how Design Thinking can be integrated into the company in a meaningful way.


Participants are able to conduct their first own Design Thinking workshops


Target groups

Individuals and teams in the company who are involved in the development of products, services and innovations



The workshop will show how Design Thinking can be applied in everyday corporate life in the context of innovation management. The topics in detail:


Methods and duration

Participants use design thinking methods to develop solutions for a given challenge. The practical work is supplemented with short lectures and practical exercises that further explain the methodology. In addition, regular feedback sessions take place, in which the respective workshop steps are reflected

Duration: 2 days


Technical requirements

Material and space can be provided in agreement with the ordering company if necessary


Workshop facilitators

Mögliche ReferentenDesign Thinking Workshops are conducted exclusively by experienced workshop facilitators. Almost all of them have been trained at the D.School or the

Academy of the Hasso-Plattner-Institute Potsdam. Depending on the topic and scope of the workshop, the team of facilitators will be staffed individually in consultation with you. There is hardly any other approach where we have so many highly experienced coaches with different industry backgrounds and language skills at our disposition. Workshops are easily held in German, English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and, on request, in other languages.


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