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How Algorithms and Data Make Services and Processes Better

A workshop for non-mathematicians

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Algorithms are central elements of the digital economy. They create value from masses of data, make decisions more secure and relieve the burden of routine activities. Developing algorithms has so far been the domain of mathematicians. Much can actually be derived and understood from everyday phenomena. The workshop enables non-mathematicians to acquire a basic understanding of algorithms and their use in the company without confusing formulas.



Participants will learn the basics of digital business and the digitisation of value creation through data, analysis and algorithms. Together they will work out the prototype of a digital, algorithm-based process that could be used in the company.




Participants will develop a common understanding of algorithms, data and the possibilities of digitizing business processes with them.


Target group

Teams and employees who are involved in the design of digital services and processes.


Methods and duration

Participants are involved in the development of an exemplary digital solution based on data and algorithms from the very beginning. This not only makes the content easier to understand, but also makes it practically tangible.

Applied methods are:

Duration: 1 day


Prerequisites for participation



Workshop facilitator

Uwe WeinreichUwe Weinreich

Expert for strategy, innovation and digitisation
Multiple digital entrepreneur
Founder of
Book author



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