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Workshop: Agile Projects, Agile Processes, Agile Innovation, Smart Business

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Globalisation, digitalisation and the hypercompetition that goes along with it lead to the fact that classical management methods are not becoming superfluous, but are increasingly reaching their limits. Companies that want to increase their innovative strength and speed to the extent that is necessary to stay at the top need agile methods. They make it easier to react quickly to changes and new requirements. In this workshop, participants will work out how their own company can become more agile.



The workshop provides participants with skills and management tools to implement agile processes within the company and make it more adaptable and successful overall. The topics:



After the workshop, participants will have sound knowledge of agile management and agile methods. They know how agile methods can complement classical management practices.


Target group

Managers of a company with responsibility for project, process and strategic management


Methods and duration

Duration: 2 days


Prerequisites for participation

Management experience


Workshop facilitator

Mögliche ReferentenThe workshop will be staffed in consultation with the client with the facilitator(s) and coaches most suitable for the company's individual focus.



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