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Artificial Intelligence for Business

A strategy workshop for companies of the future

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The future will be shaped by artificial intelligence and it has only just begun. Using AI is not magic and does not cost a fortune anymore. It is time to start experiments, learn quickly and grow with the trend.

This is a quick start workshop for companies that want to shape the future with artificial intelligence. A selected group of managers from your company explores the possibilities, develops approaches for the use of AI (process optimization, services, new business models) and describes the next steps.



Participants get to know the basics and potentials of the use of artificial intelligence to such an extent that a common discussion becomes possible. Together, they discover possible applications and explore opportunities, risks, and the first steps how to proceed.




Participants will develop a common understanding of artificial intelligence and its applications in the company. Based on this, the first concrete steps are outlined.


Workshop participants

A diverse management team is needed that is able to reflect the diversity of the company. We will discuss the ideal staffing with you in advance.


Methods and duration

It is beneficial if at the beginning a short and motivating presentation of the company management makes clear why the workshop takes place and which aim relates to it. An already existing vision or strategy can be presented.

Afterwards there will be a short presentation, which will ensure that everyone has a minimum common understanding of the technology.

The best way to assess the status of the company is through short contributions from responsible persons. The results are visualized so that they can be accessed at any time.

Subsequently, challenges, opportunities and options are worked out - if appropriate in small groups - which are then evaluated in the plenum and transformed into a roadmap.

The workshop will be conducted with agile methods that ensure that results are achieved in limited time.

We will discuss the agenda with you in detail and prepare your individual AI workshop in advance so that it fits your requirements to a maximum.

Duration: 1-2 days depending on concept



If necessary, we can support you in collecting the information in advance.


Lead Coach

Uwe WeinreichUwe Weinreich

Supported by dedicated experts for your specific challenge.



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