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Workshops and Seminars

Workshop: Platform Economy
When is it promising to initiate a platform yourself? When is it appropriate to participate in a platform? And what do you need to know about business models and how platforms work? The workshop gives a deep insight.

Workshop: Innovation and Product Development for Service Companies
Participants learn and experience agile methods to develop service offerings that inspire customers. Topics among others: Discovering previously unmet customer needs, understanding the customer situation, ideation, prototyping and testing, digital services.

Workshop: Business Model Innovation and Strategy Development in a Digital World
A workshop for executives, innovators and business development teams facing the task of developing a new business model / digital strategy.

Team Kick-Start Workshop: From Zero to Productive in Two Days
Become fit for work as a team, develop cohesion, strength and functional working structures.

Blockchain for Business
A quick start workshop for companies that want to shape the future with blockchain

Artificial Intelligence for Business
A strategy workshop to deploy Artificial Intelligence as a value creator. Shape your path to the leading technology of the future.

Workshop: Lean Digital Transformation
In this in-house workshop, innovation and strategy teams learn the tools to make digital transformation a success by addressing concrete challenges.

Workshop: From Lean Management to an Agile Company
It is not difficult for companies that have established Lean Management to become agile and to be able to react quickly to changes and new requirements. In this workshop, participants will work out how to do this.

Workshop: Fit for an Unpredictable Future
A workshop for innovators, managers and business development teams whose task it is to permanently increase the innovation and adaptability of the company. The result is a concept for agility and quick reaction to opportunities and challenges.

Workshop: Design Thinking - How Extraordinary Solutions are Created
The workshop enables teams to experience Design Thinking in practice and learn the basic methods. Product design, entire service processes and customer experience worlds can be redesigned.

Workshop: Managing Complaints and Claims in Digital and Technology-driven Companies
Solving critical situations, inspiring and retaining customers through professional complaint and claim management.

Innovation Management in Companies - Strategy, Methods, Organization
Overview of modern methods of innovation management. You will experience how innovation is meaningfully embedded in the organization and how an innovation strategy promotes the development of the company.

How Algorithms and Data Make Services and Processes Better
The workshop enables non-mathematicians to gain a basic understanding of algorithms and their use in companies with many practical examples.

Digital Mindset - An In-house Management Workshop
Digital transformation is not only a question of technology, but also of transforming the entire company. In the workshop, the management team develops a common understanding of what digitalization means and the responsibility of each individual for its success.

Workshop: Agile Projects, Agile Processes, Agile Innovation, Smart Business
To increase innovative power and speed to the extent necessary to stay at the top requires agile methods. In this workshop, participants work out how their own company can become more agile.

Workshop: Business Modelling - Strategic Innovation by Redesigning and Optimizing the Business Model
This workshop provides a concise and comprehensive introduction to the design of business models.