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Online WorkshopProfessional Facilitation of Online Meetings, Conferences and Workshops

As an international network, we were immediately challenged from the hour of birth in 2014 to develop functional structures for location-independent and time-shifted work. Online and remote collaboration has thus been one of our core competencies for years.

The Corona crisis has now led to a redesign of work in many companies. Home office, for example, has become a standard. But isn't too much getting lost?

Moderation of online meetings

zoom_450Many people experience online meetings as strenuous and less efficient. This is often due to the fact that the possibilities of the tools are not used sufficiently, and the facilitation is not as stringent as it should be. External support is not always necessary or useful. However, if it is important to achieve reliable results and a common commitment, we are happy to take over the task as neutral hosts. No matter whether you use Skype, Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting or other meeting tools, we can make sure that the possibilities are adequately utilised.

Conferences and workshop formats

Virtueller Konferenzraum / Workshopforum
Virtual conference room / workshop forum

Even conferences and workshops that require direct interaction between participants can be held online. We rely on tools that enable collaborative work, visualization and collective decision-making, e.g. virtual whiteboards and team workspaces. A particularly effective lever for successful workshops is preparation that involves the participants early. During the workshop, breakout sessions are a key to generating deep insights and diverse ideas. Depending on the number of participants, the content-related challenges, and the need for breakout rooms, we run workshops and conferences with two or more moderators.


workshopspaceWorkshops are conducted for different purposes: to generate or adapt a strategy, to resolve conflicts, to develop innovations and many more. Smaller workshops can often be supported by a single facilitator. Again, both preparation and mastery of the tools used are crucial. A central task of the moderators is to ensure that all participants can participate equally and that both, results and decisions are recorded and visualised in a way that is binding for all.

Digital teaching and learning scenarios

Building, spreading and retaining knowledge and skills within the company is of central importance in a knowledge-driven economy. Digital methods are also suitable for this. We support the creation of digital learning concepts, e.g. on new technologies, agile working methods or the transfer of knowledge from employee to employee. The production of learning modules and videos is also part of our activities.

Remote working concepts

If the corona crisis will have a long-term effect, then it is quite certain that concepts of distributed, online-based work will find a permanent place. We support with our experience in designing the organizational requirements and building the necessary competencies.

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