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Lean Digital Transformation

The success-oriented, resource-saving and secure way to the digital enterprise

The management concept Lean Digital Transformation provides the framework for an agile and secure implementation of digital transformation in companies. The framework consisting of four sprints (strategy development, product development, customer development and company development) creates security in the implementation and evidence-based procedures generate metrics that enable unerring control.

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Everyone who is responsible for digitalization projects in the bottom line - from CEO and CDO, business developers, IT managers to project managers - can use Lean Digital Transformation to improve their results in a measurable and verifiable way.

The concept is particularly recommended under the following conditions:


ldflyer4 sprints and 6 months to the digital company

Although the media are constantly claiming that Europe is missing the boat, is far too slow and is lagging behind, this should not be a reason to panic. The road to the digital enterprise is long, but can be taken at an accelerated pace. With our Lean Digital Transformation program, significant steps in this direction can be taken within six months.

The following phases will be passed through:

Sprint 1 (from week 1): Strategy Development

Sprint 2 (from week 4): Product Development

Sprint 3 (from week 12): Customer Development

Sprint 4 (starting week 14): Company Development

Through a well prepared and structured approach, digital change can succeed without burning money or taking unnecessary risks. Lean Digital Transformation provides a secure basis by making all steps measurable and controllable.

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Targeted support

Not every company needs the entire program. Even limited interventions and projects create great value if they are approached properly. We can support you, for example, with the following projects:

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Tried and tested workshops on digital transformation