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Innovation and agile innovation management

Into the future with an engine driving innovation and growth

The ability of a company to innovate and adapt is one of the key factors for sustainable success.
Especially in recent years, many agile approaches have been developed which generate a great abundance of ideas, rapid implementation and, through radical user orientation, a high probability of market success.

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CoObeya was born from the idea of making these approaches widely available to companies. This is why experts for the most diverse approaches within the spectrum of agile innovation have now gathered under the CoObeya brand. Our services in detail:


Product, service and process innovations

We are always particularly pleased when we can realize complete innovation projects in which new products, services or internal processes are designed. We use methods like Design Thinking, Lean Startup / Business Experiments, Business Model Design, Scrum, Kanban and others. Most innovation projects are carried out with integrated teams. This means that one part of the team consists of CoObeya members and the other part of company employees. This ensures a fast and direct transfer of know-how into the company.

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Digitale Innovationen

Digital innovations play a particular role in this context. Agile development methods and digital projects form an excellent partnership. However, dedicated technical understanding and background knowledge is also required. Therefore we have proven experts in Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, algorithm development, IT project management, cloud computing, IT security and much more.

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Business models and strategy

Ideas for new products and services only become a success when they are transformed into a profitable business model that is implemented with a clear strategy. With Business Model Generation and Blue Ocean Strategy, two approaches are available that provide precisely this clarity. Lean Startup, Customer Development and Growth-Hacking ensure a successful market entry and rapid scaling. We advise and accompany companies in these developments and qualify the people involved.

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The internal innovation engine: Establishing a structured innovation management

Single innovation projects are a good start. However, there is hardly anything that strengthens the sustainable viability of a company as much as its ability to continuously produce, test and successfully introduce innovations to the market. Such strong companies have developed an internal innovation engine that is always running at full speed. New offers for customers, and possibly even new business models, are constantly emerging, and this continuously generates strategic stability.

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Training of innovation managers and innovation teams

Every project that we carry out for our customers also involves a transfer of knowledge and thus a training of internal employees. In addition, we offer dedicated inhouse trainings and workshops, and from time to time, together with seminar providers we realize also open trainings.

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Development of an agile corporate culture

Innovation and digital change have side effects. Processes and structures that have been established in the company for decades suddenly start to crack. Before distortions and conflicts arise, it makes sense to help shape the development of the corporate culture from the very beginning. We assist you with experience and the right tools.

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Management and leadership support

Changes in the market, rapid developments and the comprehensive change of culture within the company represent a great challenge for all managers and responsible executives. We support these people through special workshops and training sessions, through advice on important decisions and through support and coaching in concrete projects.

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Knowledge and tools

Most approaches, procedures and tools of agile innovation have been developed by a large, worldwide community. Not only individuals committed, but also institutions and companies are constantly contributing to it. We are a part of this community and we share our favorite tools and knowledge through our download area and in blog articles.