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Design Thinking - How Extraordinary Solutions are Created

Hypercompetition means even the smallest differences compared to the competition decide whether an offer becomes a top seller or a flop. With Design Thinking, a set of methods is available with which it is possible to generate exactly such differences. This is no longer just about product design, but entire service processes and the entire customer experience can be redesigned with Design Thinking. No wonder that large companies such as Bosch, SAP, Johnson & Johnson and others have already integrated it permanently. In this workshop, participants learn the basic methods and experience how Design Thinking can be meaningfully implemented in the company.

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Design Thinking for Your Company

[You can also watch this video about our qualification courses for innovation managers, in which Design Thinking plays a major role. It gives an impression of the dynamics].

We offer proven standard workshops that give participants a lively impression of Design Thinking and build initial practical skills in using the methods.

Here you can find our two-day standard workshop

For special, company-specific requirements, we also design customized workshops. The advantage of this is that not only the method is taught, but also a current problem in the company is solved at the same time.

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Further Information

for all those who are already experienced, you can download our Design Thinking Toolkit free of charge or as a print version in a sturdy metal box.