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Business Modelling - Strategic Innovation by Redesigning and Optimizing the Business Model

Innovation does not only take place on the level of products, services and processes. Meanwhile, strategic innovations, which provide for a repositioning and optimization of the business model, are one of the biggest value drivers. This applies equally to classic, digital and hybrid business models.

Today, strategy development has reached a level of professionalization that would have been neither conceivable nor necessary a few decades ago. Nowadays, success is written by value propositions that clearly stand out from the competition and address exactly the right target group. Data is the basis for optimisation and fine tuning. Frameworks like Business Model Generation and Blue Ocean Strategy help to reduce the resulting complexity.

We guide you safely through the process from the first draft of a strategy and business model to optimization and scaling in competitive markets. Usually, this support takes place in a tailor-made setting, which is exactly adapted to the requirements of your company.

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We also offer standard in-house workshops that deal with strategy and business model design from different perspectives:

In addition, you will find freely accessible tools and documents in our download area.