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CoObeya for Innovations

Globally, high quality solutions, which generate sustainable value for people, society, economy and the environment, are required. CoObeya provides a focal point where independent thinkers and makers work together to face tomorrow’s challenges.

What We Offer

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Re-think Strategy: Strategic Consulting

Innovation has become one of the main drivers of value creation. This is not only true for products with new benefit, but also for internal processes that are relevant for higher efficiency. Any company having a business model that meets today’s market needs perfectly must face the challenge that the same model might be totally inadequate within five years. Today’s hyper competition requires companies to constantly re-invent themselves.

We guide you through this process of market analysis, strategic repositioning, testing and implementation of new approaches. We identify and analyse the impact of new trends and technologies on your business. We explore the needs and views of potential customers. And we integrate the foremost experts in their fields into your projects. Together with your most experienced employees and developers we create your future business.

Creating Value through Innovation: Invention and Innovation Management

Not only will your business benefit from an innovation strategy that has been developed and implemented artfully, but product and process innovations will give rise to value for customers, partners and society, too. Our roles adapt to the requirements. We act as an external innovation team, as supporters and facilitators for your team, as an innovation agency that opens access to already existing solutions or as assessors for a project. Agile and team-oriented methods such as design thinking, open innovation, co-creation and smart collaboration form our practice.

Giving Space and Creating Structures for Innovation: Organizational Development

innovation-friendly rooms provide space for movement

Disruptive and frugal innovations in particular cannot evolve in an environment that is focused on efficiency in operations. Such innovations need an innovation-friendly environment and structures that exist temporarily or continuously, virtually or in reality. We analyse the requirements in your company, develop proposals for effective deployment, build your innovation teams and guide the whole process..

Ideas and innovation management, open innovation, co-creation, think tanks and corporate start-ups describe the wide range of solutions we support. Realizing a solution always takes place in close cooperation with you and your experts.

Inspiring Employees and Extending Innovation Capabilities: Training and Events

Training sessions and, especially, project workshops provide a platform where your employees can learn new methods and extend their capabilities in innovation and innovation management. The focus is on those new and highly effective agile methods of ideation, innovation and innovation management, such as design thinking, agile development, blue ocean strategy and others. Besides organisational structures, a culture of innovation needs to be firmly implemented.

Key-notes and events are other ways of getting employees involved and inspired about a new innovation strategy.

Solving Challenges Fast and Focused: Collaborative Think Tank

Whenever it is necessary to find outstanding solutions for a complex challenge in a short time you can use CoObeya as a collaborative think tank. We include experts from your company, from our network and—if necessary—from outside as well. In a unique setting that creates a high-performance team focused on the task, the team will elaborate solutions within a short time. That is not only possible in a real think tank; a virtual meeting can also be used to solve many issues.

cooperation and collaboration in a network

Realizing Innovation Together: Management of Cooperation

Nowadays, many innovations can only be realized through the networks of several companies. Confidentially, we sample potential partners, oversee discussions and negotiations and the cooperation process itself. Our role can also be to search and find the most valuable innovations, start-ups and companies.

Achieving Economic Success with Innovations: Marketing Support

Innovative solutions and products are not always a guarantee of market success. Real innovation is characterized by market success. That is why we keep a market and customer-focused perspective right from the start of a project and develop marketing strategies simultaneously with the innovation process itself.

Steadying Success: Testing and Intellectual Property Management

Innovations need to be protected against theft of intellectual property on one hand and failure of function on the other. We help to protect your project against both. Rapid prototyping as well as real and virtual testing of products and services lead to safe products and processes. Value and customer based pricing strategies and optimizations help to make an innovation an economic success.

Moreover, protecting innovations against theft of intellectual property is vital. In a highly cross-linked and hyper competitive world there is no way around IP management. We can support you in this demanding task as well.

Especially for innovation driven companies, not only are the results of an innovation important, but also how they were reached.

An innovation friendly culture is an essential part of success.