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CoObeya for Innovation, Agility and Digital Transformation

In the future, digital and analogue solutions to problems and challenges will be developed worldwide in a scope and quality that create real and sustainable value for people, society, the economy and the environment. CoObeya is a catalyst and brings together independent thinkers and doers to jointly tackle the challenges of the future.

Our Services

Strategy and Business Models

Every innovation needs a strategy and a well-considered business model. This is the only way to generate sustainable business from innovations.

We support the development of strategies and business models not only with a high level of expertise, but also so that they are understood, shared and lived by the management team.

Establishing an innovation engine in the company

One ground-breaking innovation can ensure that a company achieves a prominent position in a competitive world. An internal innovation engine, which continuously generates ideas and prototypes for products and services, ensures that companies remain successful in the long term.

Lean Digital Transformation

Lean Digital Transformation offers a comprehensive yet streamlined program to design and implement the digital transformation.

It is based on the principles of lean management in combination with modern agile methods, as successfully used by start-up companies in Silicon Valley, London, Tel Aviv or Berlin.

AI / GPT-3

GPT-3 is one of the world's most powerful AI systems for natural language processing.

It was launched in summer 2020 and it is still in beta test phase. We are one of the selected partners that have early access to this system. That allows us to experiment with it's capabilities and to realize first projects with partners and customers.

Radically user-centred innovation with Design Thinking

With Design Thinking, a canon of methods is available with which it is possible to generate innovations that inspire customers. This is no longer just about product design, but entire service processes and customer experience worlds can be redesigned. No wonder that large companies such as SAP, Bosch and others have already firmly integrated it.

Lean StartupLean Startup increases chances of success and minimizes risks

Within just a few years, Lean Startup has become a proven procedure for realizing product ideas fast as an MVP (minimum viable product), further developing them data-driven and scaling them up over the long term. Innovation risks are dramatically reduced because data on the probability of success is available at a very early stage and the team can readjust or pivot the project if necessary.

Managing change projects effectively

Innovation, digital transformation and agile work organisation are not only a question of technology and methods, but also of the transformation of strategy, culture and organisation. This can only succeed if the management team develops a common understanding of what the change means, how it changes the company and what responsibility everyone has for its success.

Workshops and Seminars

In trainings, workshops and projects we prepare your employees for innovation and innovation management. Particular focus is placed on agile methods such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Scrum, Blue Ocean Strategy and others.

In addition, we ensure through talks, key notes and events that your innovation strategy inspires and involves your employees.

Professional facilitation of online meetings, conferences and workshops

Online and remote collaboration has been one of our core competencies for years. We are happy to provide support through professional facilitation of online meetings, realisation of interactive online conferences and workshops (from strategy development to crisis intervention), as well as the production of videos and e-learning modules.