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CoObeya Poster: Culture Development Map

Design Thinking PosterThe Culture Development Map is an instrument for intensive teamwork and long-term planning and monitoring of cultural change processes, as they often occur in innovation and digital transformation processes.

The first four columns explore different aspects of culture:

In the rows below, the current and desired status can be mapped in the respective columns:

supportive and existent: an important column, since it is too easy to forget what is actually already good there.

supportive and to be fostered: here you can record where there are still gaps.

impediments to be reduced: in every culture things have sneaked in that are impeding future development. This is the row for it.

When the inventory is complete, objectives can be defined. The two columns on the right serve this purpose. First, you can define which metrics best reflect that a success has occurred (KPI column) and then which means must be taken to get there.

The poster is designed for international workshops in four languages: English, German, French and Spanish.

Download it here: Culture Development Map

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